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New member intro, and an adopt a ferret plug

Hello, my name is Ali and I am an army wife. My husband and I live on post at Fort Wainwright in the Fairbanks area. We both have had many pets in our lives, but right now we are "owned" by a ferret named Mocha, a kitty named Rugby, and three gerbils (Blackie, Runt, and Gray). We are hoping to get another ferret very soon. Our kitty is adopted and hopefully our new ferret will come from a shelter too.

Now for my ferret plug:
Two ferrets are currently up for adoption at the vet clinic on post at Fort Wainwright. The vet clinic would not let my friend and I adopt the ferrets because the SSG in charge of the animal adoptions wants them to be adopted into a home together. The SSG denied us adoption even though we are next door neighbors and the ferrets would get to play together almost every day, plus I already have a ferret. That aside, I would like to see the ferrets have a good home even if that home cannot be my home. The clinic is only offering the ferrets to be adopted together into the same home and the price is $82 each. Although you can adopt ferrets from other places a little cheaper (and separately), the vet clinic's price is still cheaper than buying them from Petco. The two ferrets seemed well-behaved, friendly, and potty-trained. If you would like to be a ferret mommy or daddy, please consider adopting them. You won't regret it. Just don't mention you heard about them from me because the SSG really did not like me or my friend. I hope someone will read this and give them a good home. Civilians from the community should be able to get on post with a valid photo ID (stop at the visitor's center for a pass) and adopt pets from the vet clinic. If you like ferrets, please consider checking these two out. I will even give you directions from the main gate to the vet clinic if you need them. Just leave me a comment here.

Here is the Ft. Wainwright shelter webpage:

The ferrets are not listed, but the site gives the address and phone number of the shelter, plus what is included in the adoption fee.
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