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3 Cats for Re-homing in Alaska

We are now fostering three cats in need of homes! Asking only $25 rehoming fee but require interview and trial period to ensure proper placement with you. One will be thru Pet Pride, the other two we are privately fostering.
Mama just had kittens and her kittens will be available thru Pet Pride next week. Contact for details. Perhaps you want the young Mama and a kitten? :) She is very docile and sweet. Recently spayed and current on shots/deworm. All she needs is your love! She is excellent with other cats, even adopted our other kitten that lives here! Not so great with large dogs but tolerates our small, older dog (case by case basis).
Chocolate is getting desperate for a new home but we require a careful home visit due to the Halloween season. He is young and healthy. Medium, sleek black coat. He is well litter boxed trained, loves dogs and kids but hates other cats-no exceptions...must be an only cat! He LOVES to be handled and played with so would be great with a family with kids.
Oakley is a gorgeous silver smoke tabby with a large, athletic body-age 5. He's tolerating the other male cats but gets along fine with the kittens and female cats. He is shy but tolerant of the dogs so far. I would suggest older children for this guy, as he's a bit touchy how he is handled.
Call or write for details or to visit these kitties and perhaps do a kitty sleepover to see how they do with your household! We will re-home in Alaska only. 479-5413

*Please spay/neuter your pet and do not give your business to backyard breeders who contribute to overpopulation! Support your local rescues and ADOPT A PET :)

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Our Foster Cat Needs a Forever Home!

We have a beautiful DLH brown tabby female named Peepers who needs a good home. She is 3 years old, spayed. and is current on all of her shots until January. She is a polydactyl cat and still has all of her claws. She is good with children, dogs, and other cats. She is shy and fearful in new surroundings, but she warms up quickly. She loves affection. Her family had to move to TX and couldn't take her with them. Please give Peepers a forever home. You can reply to this post or e-mail me at isabelangelebeau@yahoo.com.

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Hi! I just found you. 
I don't live in Alaska any more, but did a long way back, and got my first northern dog (a husky) there. We lived there, then moved with to Chicago, then to (ugh) Texas. She was very flexible and adaptable and I had her for 15 years. After she died, I was so heartbroken, I couldn't even think about getting another dog for 5 years. I had moved again and lived in a cabin on the outskirts of a very small mountain town and got a malamute, who turned out to be my favorite dog ever. I am totally in love with the northern breeds, mals in particular. I love their wolfiness and love and respect their ways.
I remember when I lived in Fairbanks there was a lot of news about problems people were having outside of town with "wolves" eating their small pets, but the "wolves" turned out to be dogs that people let out of their cabins and were free to run around in packs.
My beloved malamute died 3½ years ago, and now my only dog is a 14 year old German Shepherd. He is very protective, was extremely fierce when he was younger and more able-bodied, and to protect him and any other dog, he will be only dog until he dies. After that, I will definitely be getting another malamute. I still think the northern breeds are the best animals, wolfish and beautiful.
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Draco ferret

carpet cleaning

Our evil ferrets keep messing up our carpet and we live in military housing. When we move out, the housing dept. will blacklight our carpet and charge us if they see any damage. Can someone reccomend to me a good but affordable carpet cleaning service in or near Fairbanks, AK? Thanks.
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Draco ferret

New member intro, and an adopt a ferret plug

Hello, my name is Ali and I am an army wife. My husband and I live on post at Fort Wainwright in the Fairbanks area. We both have had many pets in our lives, but right now we are "owned" by a ferret named Mocha, a kitty named Rugby, and three gerbils (Blackie, Runt, and Gray). We are hoping to get another ferret very soon. Our kitty is adopted and hopefully our new ferret will come from a shelter too.

Now for my ferret plug:
Two ferrets are currently up for adoption at the vet clinic on post at Fort Wainwright. The vet clinic would not let my friend and I adopt the ferrets because the SSG in charge of the animal adoptions wants them to be adopted into a home together. The SSG denied us adoption even though we are next door neighbors and the ferrets would get to play together almost every day, plus I already have a ferret. That aside, I would like to see the ferrets have a good home even if that home cannot be my home. The clinic is only offering the ferrets to be adopted together into the same home and the price is $82 each. Although you can adopt ferrets from other places a little cheaper (and separately), the vet clinic's price is still cheaper than buying them from Petco. The two ferrets seemed well-behaved, friendly, and potty-trained. If you would like to be a ferret mommy or daddy, please consider adopting them. You won't regret it. Just don't mention you heard about them from me because the SSG really did not like me or my friend. I hope someone will read this and give them a good home. Civilians from the community should be able to get on post with a valid photo ID (stop at the visitor's center for a pass) and adopt pets from the vet clinic. If you like ferrets, please consider checking these two out. I will even give you directions from the main gate to the vet clinic if you need them. Just leave me a comment here.

Here is the Ft. Wainwright shelter webpage: http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/AK16.html

The ferrets are not listed, but the site gives the address and phone number of the shelter, plus what is included in the adoption fee.
finding nemo...the hard way.

need dog advice

Perhaps you can help me out? Our dogs are from the same litter. They are Newfoundland/Mackenzie River Husky/Kurt Wild(sp?) Husky/Hound mixes. We got them two months ago, when they were four months old. Now, Ollie (the male, my boyfriend's dog) could care less about me and what I do (although he *does* follow me to the outhouse and guards me,lol). It's my dog who's being the pill.

My dog, Turtle has been acting weird lately, ever since my boyfriend went to work in Delta Junction for 2 weeks (he's back now). She is VERY protective of me and growls at all guests, even when they try to make friends. Anyone who comes near me gets growled or barked at. I was wondering if maybe it has something to do with me being pregnant...

Any help would be appreciated! Sorry, I couldn't find any advice about it online. I must have googled this a million times with several different keywords. Bleh. >.<

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Hello, new member here.

I live down in Ketchikan AK. I like the idea of this journal, hope it picks up a little bit :)

I am owned by 3 sun conures, a ducorp's cockatoo, and pet rats (yes they make excellent pets). I am currently planning to get more rats when I go down south in April (can't wait), and maybe some day I will start breeding them :) I will be getting babies from registered breeders in the NW area of the US, mostly dumbo's and dalmatians.

I am happy that the rat ban in the rest of northern Alaska doesn't seem to affect us in the SE area, but just in case I decided to get mostly white rats (the rat ban bans any rat that is not white in color to be kept as a pet, because they could accidentally kill your pet rat if it got outside, all crap in my opinion as it is HIGHLY unlikely that a domesticated rat will survive outside, especially in northern Alaska with such extreme temperatures).

Anyways, thought I'd say hello :)
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