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and still, the lobster held on

need dog advice

Perhaps you can help me out? Our dogs are from the same litter. They are Newfoundland/Mackenzie River Husky/Kurt Wild(sp?) Husky/Hound mixes. We got them two months ago, when they were four months old. Now, Ollie (the male, my boyfriend's dog) could care less about me and what I do (although he *does* follow me to the outhouse and guards me,lol). It's my dog who's being the pill.

My dog, Turtle has been acting weird lately, ever since my boyfriend went to work in Delta Junction for 2 weeks (he's back now). She is VERY protective of me and growls at all guests, even when they try to make friends. Anyone who comes near me gets growled or barked at. I was wondering if maybe it has something to do with me being pregnant...

Any help would be appreciated! Sorry, I couldn't find any advice about it online. I must have googled this a million times with several different keywords. Bleh. >.<

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