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Hello, new member here.

I live down in Ketchikan AK. I like the idea of this journal, hope it picks up a little bit :)

I am owned by 3 sun conures, a ducorp's cockatoo, and pet rats (yes they make excellent pets). I am currently planning to get more rats when I go down south in April (can't wait), and maybe some day I will start breeding them :) I will be getting babies from registered breeders in the NW area of the US, mostly dumbo's and dalmatians.

I am happy that the rat ban in the rest of northern Alaska doesn't seem to affect us in the SE area, but just in case I decided to get mostly white rats (the rat ban bans any rat that is not white in color to be kept as a pet, because they could accidentally kill your pet rat if it got outside, all crap in my opinion as it is HIGHLY unlikely that a domesticated rat will survive outside, especially in northern Alaska with such extreme temperatures).

Anyways, thought I'd say hello :)
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